Guinea Run RV Park

General rules:

All RV sites are to be kept clean and orderly. Cleanliness of the park is very important – let’s keep Texas clean!

The speed limit in the park is 15 mph

The storage of kerosene, gasoline, explosive materials or tires is prohibited anywhere on park premises.

Please do not trespass onto park owner’s property.

Illegal drugs are prohibited on park property.

All park residents are welcome to unlimited access to the Community Garden. Pick what you’d like and leave the rest for others. Please be cautious when it comes to maneuvering around the plants so as they are not harmed. Any extra vegetables will be in the Laundry area for residents/guests. Help weeding, watering, and harvesting is welcomed and appreciated.

Guests and visitors:
Guests and visitors are welcome. They should be informed of park rules upon arrival. Lessee is responsible for the conduct of their guests and visitors. Lessee will be held liable for any injures or property damage caused by or arising from the actions of his/her guest or visitor.

Parking is available for 2 vehicles per RV space. Do not park in in any other RV space, occupied or not. Do not block any driveways. Any vehicle that is not drivable or is in any way inoperable will not be allowed on the premises. Oil changes or activities that may result in the spillage of petroleum products are not permitted. No washing of RVs or vehicles permitted.

Guinea Run RV Park provides a laundry facility, including washer, dryer, folding area, and outdoor clothes line for park residents and guests. Clothes lines of any kind located near or around the RV spaces are not permitted; this includes hanging clothes on exterior awnings, draped over fences, railings, and/or porches.

Pets are welcomed on Guinea Run RV Park premises. Please maintain control of your pets at all times. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Pets are not allowed alone anywhere at any time. Do not leave dogs tied outside anywhere. Pets are not allowed to be kept in pens or kennels outside at any time. Lessee is responsible for the care of and actions of their pets.

A dumpster and trash cans are located on park premises for use by park residents and guests personal trash only. All garbage must be bagged and tied, and boxes must be broken down. Lessee is responsible for keeping litter picked up around the RV space. Accumulation of any sort of trash, junk, or general clutter is not allowed.

Outdoor grilling is available at the Park Pavilion for residents and guests. Coals must be properly disposed of, and the Pavilion is to be cleaned up after use. Do not leave hot grills and/or coals unattended.

A positive sewer seal at both ends of sewer hose is required. Texas law requires that a sewer hose must be fastened using a connector or rubber donut.

Guinea Run RV Park and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss or damage to property due to fire, flood, tornado, windstorms, high water, hail, hurricanes or any other natural disaster. We are not responsible for damage or theft to RVs, including contents, equipment, accessories, or personal belongings. Lessee accepts full responsibility for their trailer and contents. Residents and guests are encouraged to carry their own insurance to protect their property. Please use reasonable caution and sense when outdoors- watch out for wildlife!

Management and owners of Guinea Run RV Park reserve the right to change or alter rules at any times without prior notice.  

Violation of any of these rules will subject Lessee to eviction without a refund.​​